Nathaniel Gabor

Nathaniel Gabor

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2010, Cornell University

Research Areas
  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Contact Information
Physics & Astronomy
MS&E 314

Quantum mechanics is a theoretical description of reality that has been used to understand numerous phenomena at atomic and subatomic scales. It is among the most successful scientific theories, exhibiting not one single contradiction in nearly a century since its inception. The QMO lab aims to discover new phenomena in emerging quantum material systems, including zero-dimensional (0D) material systems (e.g., nanocrystal neodymium), one-dimensional (1D) materials like the transition metal trichalcogenides (e.g., TaSe3), and atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) electronic materials such as graphene, boron nitride, and the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). These materials, many of which can be separated into few or single atomic layers, wires and crystals, exhibit quasi-low dimensionality that may lead to quantum electronic behavior. 

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