Minor in Physics

Minoring in Physics & Astronomy

The minor in Physics consists of 26 upper-division units in Physics. A minimum of 16 units must be unique to the minor and may not be used to satisfy major requirements.

  1. First Tier (16 units)
    • Physics 130A           Classical Mechanics
    • Physics 132             Thermal Physics
    • Physics 135A           Electricity and Magnetism
    • One elective selected from:
      • Physics 111             Astrophysics and Stellar Astronomy
      • Physics 150A          Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
      • Physics 151            Topics in Modern Condensed Matter Research
      • Physics 164            Introduction to Nuclear Physics
      • Physics 165            Introduction to Particle Physics
      • Physics 166            Cosmology
      • Physics 177            Computational Methods for Physical Sciences
  2. Second Tier

    At least 10 units from any upper-division Physics courses not chosen in the first tier. The combined units from the first and second tiers must add to at least 26 units.

  3. No more than 4 units of Physics 190 (undergraduate research), Physics 195 (Senior Thesis), Physics 199-I (Internship) courses may be used to fulfill the upper-division units for the minor.