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Masses (in kilograms)

       70      Lower limit to the allowed mass for a Sumo wrestler

    1 000      Car

   10 000      Tyrannosaurus Rex

   1×1013      Typical comet mass

   3×1014      Typical mountain mass

 1.1×1016      Superterranean biomass of Earth (ocean organisms are included)

 5.3×1018      Total mass of Earth's atmosphere

   3×1019      Typical asteroid mass

 1.4×1021      Total mass of Earth's oceans

 7.3×1022      Mass of the Moon

5.98×1024      Mass of the Earth

 1.9×1027      Mass of Jupiter

1.99×1030      Mass of the Sun

 2.8×1030      Maximum mass for a white dwarf star;

 6.0×1030      Maximum mass for a neutron star

 1.3×1044      Rough mass of the stars in the Coma galaxy cluster

 1.4×1049      Rough total mass in spiral galaxies

   2×1052      Rough total mass of a critical density universe 

Jose Wudka