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Velocities (in meters per second)

1.0×10-9     Sea floor spreading rate 

1.6×10-9     Average slip rate of the San Andreas fault

  2×10-8     Grass growth rate

  3×10-6     Typical glacial advance rate

1.3          Human walking speed

 25          Car speed

100          Speed of an electric nervous pulse

330          Sound speed in air

600          Fighter jet speed

2 380        Escape velocity from Moon's surface

11 000       Escape velocity from the Earth's surface

29 000       Earth's motion around the Sun

2.2×105      Velocity of the Sun around the Milky Way

3.1×105      Escape velocity from the Milky Way

6.2×105      Escape velocity from the Sun's surface

  5×106      Young (months old) supernova ejecta

  2×108      Escape velocity from neutron star surface

  3×108      Light in a vacuum 

Jose Wudka