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Distances (in meters)

     1.8         Man

   8 847         Height of Mount Everest

  10 000         Neutron star radius

  10 000         Typical comet radius

  12 000         Typical airliner cruising altitude

 3.2×106         Length of the Great Wall of China

 6.3×106         Radius of the Earth

 7.1×107         Radius of Jupiter

 3.8×108         Distance to the Moon

 7.0×108         Radius of the Sun

 1.5×1011        Earth/Sun mean distance

   5×1011        Radius of the supergiant star Betelgeuse

 5.9×1012        Pluto/Sun mean distance

9.46×1015        1 light-year

   4×1016        Nearest non-solar star to Earth

 4.5×1016        Rough Crab Nebula radius

 1.5×1018        Typical globular cluster radius

 5.2×1018        Distance to the supergiant Betelgeuse

 6.6×1019        Distance to the Crab Nebula

 1.2×1020        Milky Way characteristic thickness

 2.4×1020        Distance from Sun to galactic center

 3.9×1020        Milky Way disk radius 

   3×1022        Radius of the core of the Virgo cluster 

   7×1023        Distance to the center of the Virgo cluster

 1.3×1027        Distance to the quasar PC 1247+3406 

Jose Wudka