Women in Physics Lunch Group


This bi-weekly lunch meeting is to foster a community among women in physics, and provide an informal and friendly platform for female students, postdocs and faculty to interact and discuss possible issues and challenges faced by women scientists today. Depending on their schedules, part or all of the female faculty will be there. Please contact Prof. Jeanie Lau and Kathy McCreary for questions.


Pizzas and soft drinks will be provided at each meeting.

Meeting time this quarter: Wednesday 12 – 1pm, Reading Room


Useful Resources:

1.   UCR Society of Women Engineers

2.   Women Resource Center, with a page that links to external women in science organizations

3.   UCRs Outreach program Minds for Design Summer Program for Girl Scouts

4.   Contribution of 20th Century Women to Physics

5.   Scholarships for women in physics/science

a.   Hildred Blewett Scholarship for Women in Physics

b.   IBM research intership for undergraduate women in physics

6.   UCLAs search engine for grants for graduate students and postdocs

     7. International Conference on Women in Physics





Gabriela Canalizo

France Cordova (Chancelor)

Gail Hanson

Ann Heinson

Jeanie Lau

Shan-Wen Tsai

Roya Zandi


Gabriella Psztor


Charity Heman

Kaoru Kamiya

Yan Li

Astrid Morreale

Lei Shu

Victoria Winters

Mayra Tovar

Hulya Atmacan

Rachel Wilken

Jiajing Zhang

Jing Han

Barbara Falkowski

Mariana Lazarova

Kathleen McCreary

Lin Yang