These are materials for the courses that I teach. Graduate students interested in working with me should review these lectures. Undergraduates interested in doing a reading course or research with me should contact me directly.

Actual student evaluation: "You were underratedly the funniest T.A. I've had while at Cornell."

UCR Teaching

SPTA 177: QED and Feynman Diagrams, Summer 2017 (Summer Physics Teacher Academy).
Physics 177: Computational Physics, Spring 2017.
Physics 208: General Relativity, Winter 2017.
Physics 231: Methods of Theoretical Physics, Fall 2016.

Cornell Teaching Assistantships

Physics 3318: Analytical Mechanics, Spring 2013.
Physics 3323: Advanced Electricity and Magnetism, Fall 2012.
Guest Lectures: Particle Physics for Undergrads, Summer 2012.
Physics 7651: Quantum Field Theory, Fall 2011 (grader)

Stanford Teaching Assistantships

Physics 121: Intermediate Electrodynamics II, Winter 2006
Physics 152/252: Introduction to High Energy Physics, Winter 2006
Physics 161: Introduction to Cosmology, Spring 2006