Flip's Research

I am a theoretical particle physicist focusing on models of dark matter and physics beyond the Standard Model. I am interested in the many ways in which we may probe new physics, including the use of colliders, underground experiments, astrophysics, nuclear physics, and cosmology.

Non-physicists may be interested in a non-technical description. Experts may prefer to view to my papers (inspire/arXiv).


Current Students: Adam Green (undergrad), Syris Norelli (undergrad)

Contact me () if you are interested in working with me. I am looking for graduate students with a background in quantum field theory and undergraduate students with an interest in particle physics and either an advanced physics background (particle physics, field theory) or a strong programming background (ideally Python).

Collaborations and Networks

UCR Particle & Astroparticle Theory

The particle theory group of the University of California, Riverside Department of Astronony & Physics. Our work focuses on the theoretical interface between high-energy physics, dark matter, and astrophysics.

Southern California Dark Matter Astrophysics Network

The SoCal DM Network (UCSD, UCLA, UCI, UCR) focuses on exploiting new the capabilities in numerical modeling of baryonic feedback on structure for constraining and probing ideas on dark sector physics, and then pulling in new observations and new calculations of dark matter particle physics in the early universe and in stars and compact objects.

Southern California BSM Physics

We host regular meetings for the Southern California theoretical particle physics / beyond the Standard Model community. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between the broad expertise in the range of particle phenomenology covered by our research groups.