ISMD 2004

ISMD 2004 Scientific Program

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  July 26 - Arrival

  July 27 - Soft Interactions
            Heavy Flavors and Identified Particles
	    [Morning Session Slides]
	    [Afternoon Session Slides]

  July 28 - Fluctuations and Correlations
            Jet Physics
	    [Morning Session Slides]
	    [Afternoon Session Slides]

  July 29 - Jet Physics (Continued)
	    [Morning Session Slides]

  July 30 - Particle-Astrophysics
            Particle Propagation in Dense Matter
	    [Morning Session Slides]
	    [Afternoon Session Slides]

  July 31 - Small-x and Diffraction
            Special Topics
	    [Morning Session Slides]
	    [Afternoon Session Slides]

  August 1 - Closing Session and Conference Summary
	    [Morning Session Slides]

Participants wishing to give a talk should send a request along with a title and abstract to one of the appropriate session conveners. Please note that there is limited capacity to accommodate such requests. The final decision concerning talks will be taken by the session organizers in consultation with members of the the Local Organizing Committee.

Session Organizers

Soft Interactions

    Gosta Gustafson (
    Matthias Grosse-Perdekamp (

Heavy flavors and identified particles

    Huan Huang (
    Klaus Werner (

Fluctuations and correlations

    Eddi De Wolf (
    Jeffery Mitchell (
    Ron Soltz (

Jet Physics

    Valery Khoze (
    Andrey Korytov (
    Wes Metzger (


    Lynn Cominsky (
    Francis Halzen (

Particle propagation in dense matter

    Larry McLerran (
    Richard Seto (

Small-x and diffractions

    Eckhard Elsen (
    Konstantin Goulianos (
    Alan White (