Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, March 1999, Atlanta,


Session VC20 - Chemical Physics: Experiment.
ORAL session, Thursday morning, March 25
Room 256W, GWCC

[VC20.10] Adsorption of Organic Molecules at Planar and Colloidal Quartz/Water Interfaces

Clayton S.C. Yang, Harry W.K. Tom (Department of Physics, University of California, Riverside), Michael A. Anderson (Department of Environmental Science, University of California, Riverside)

Second Harmonic Generation is used to investigate both planar fused quartz/water interface and fused quartz colloidal suspension in water for the first time. The effect of the surface charge of quartz particles and plate on the surface pH and adsorption of phenol is studied. These results are then compared to those obtained by conventional analytical chemistry methods. The intensities of Second Harmonic Generation from quartz colloids of different sizes are also observed and evaluated.